download liftdesigner 2020 and 2022


liftdesigner 2020 or 2022 full version

lift designer version 20 or 22

elevator design software

Licensed permanent

All menus are active

liftdesignerescalator - download liftdesigner 2020 and 2022


Bim & Cad Automation edition and professional edition

to have all DigiPara Liftdesigner features available

features Bim & Cad Automation edition:

Windows Application

Intelligent Elevator Configurator

For Traction & Hydraulic Elevators

For Modernization and New Installation

Components from the 3D BIM Library


Any Shaft Dimensions

Group Configurator

Export STEP files for Production

IFC & BIM Exchange for Autodesk® Revit®

Level of Development (LOD) 100,200,300,350,400 and 500.

Perfect IFC 4.0 Export

LDBIM Export for Autodesk® Revit®

Level of Information (LOI)

Wall Openings

Manually update your 3D CAD Models

Load 3D CAD Models

Add Engineering to Order (ETO) Content

Simplify your CAD Models

CAD Automation for manufacturing

۳D CAD Files automatically updated

CAD File Hierarchy

Customize your Drawings

Add Sections

Add 2D DWG Blocks

Quickly change Dimensions

Export as PDF and to AutoCAD

Arrange Dimensions

Show your own Title Block

Cabin Configurator

Humans – Materials

Basic and photo realistic 3D Visualization

۳D Common Components BIM Library

Easily swap Components

Similar Components from over 70 Suppliers

Fermator Door Configurator

Extend the 3D BIM Library

Standardize Products

Prepare your 3D CAD Models for BIM

Share your 3D BIM Library

Escalator designer

liftdesigner2020 - download liftdesigner 2020 and 2022

Common Escalator 3D BIM Library


Customize Drawing Languages

Fully Automated Drawing Generation via Web Service

Liftdesigner Automation Web Plugin Server Software

DigiPara Liftdesigner APIs

Make use of your own CAD Files

BIM Support: LOD, IFC 4.0, Properties

Excel File Automation

۳D export (DWF, IFC, 3D DWG)

Extend the 3D BIM Library

DigiPara Liftdesigner Datamanager, to add your own BIM Models

BIM Exchange for Autodesk® Revit®

Photorealistic Cabin Design

DigiPara® Escalatordesigner


Group elevators

For Modernization and New Installation

۳D Elevator Design

۲D export (DWG, PDF)

Manufacturer Library with more than 70 suppliers

Basis version for traction & hydraulic elevators

about elevator

1liftdesigner2020 - download liftdesigner 2020 and 2022

download liftdesigner 2020


Operating system requirements:

Windows® ۱۰ (۶۴-bit)

Windows® ۸ / ۸٫۱ (۶۴-bit)

Windows® ۷ (۶۴-bit)

Windows® Server 2012 (64-bit)

Windows® Server 2012 R2

Windows® Server 2016 (64-bit)

Windows® Server 2016 R2

Bim & Cad Automation edition

“with all features”

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